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Terms and conditions

The owner of the online Store available at is Milena Bryła, running a business under the name MILENA BRYŁA, registered office in Warsaw (00-891), Poland, street Chłodna 11/612, VAT number: 6631806595, polish statistical identification number REGON: 386785170.

The Customer can contact the Store’s service via e-mail:


  1. Store – online store available at
  2. Seller – Milena Bryła, running a business under the name MILENA BRYŁA, registered office in Warsaw (00-891), Poland, street Chłodna 11/612, VAT number: 6631806595, polish statistical identification number REGON: 386785170.
  3. Product, Products – all goods offered by the Seller for sale in the Store.
  4. Customer, User – a person using the Store.
  5. Electronic Service – a service provided electronically by the Seller to the User via the Store.
  6. My Account – Electronic Service, a collection of resources in the Seller’s ICT system marked with an individual name (login) and password provided by the Customer. My Account service collects data and information about orders placed in the Store by the Customer.
  7. Newsletter – Electronic Service of e-mail notification about Products and events related to the YDUNN brand.
  8. Terms and Conditions – these regulations, a set of rules for using the Store and purchasing Products.
  9. Contract – a sales contract concluded by and between the Customer and the Seller via the Store.


  1. To use the Store each Customer must read and accept these Terms and Conditions.
  2. By placing an order, the Customer agrees to use the Store in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, in the version in force on the date of placing the order.
  3. Lack of acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions prevents the use of the Store and the purchase of Products offered by the Seller.
  4. The Customer’s personal data is processed by the Seller in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  5. All Products offered for sale are new and unused.


  1. Electronic Services available in the Store: My Account, Newsletter, Waitlist (In Stock Notification).
  2. The User may use the My Account service after completing the registration form and confirming the creation of an Account; or registration via Facebook profile. In the registration form, it is necessary to provide the following data: name, surname, e-mail address, password.
  3. The My Account service is provided free of charge for an indefinite period. The User can, at any time and without giving a reason, delete the Account (resignation from the Account) by sending a relevant request to the Store, via e-mail to the following address:
  4. The User may use the Newsletter service after providing the e-mail address to which he wants to receive the Newsletter, in the form available on the Store’s website in the CONTACT or newsletter tab.
  5. By providing an e-mail address, the User agrees to:
    1. Processing of personal data in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
    2. Receiving commercial information from the Store within the meaning of Art. 10 sec. 2 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services by electronic means (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2019, items 123, 730) to the e-mail address provided during registration.
  6. The Store uses MailChimp platform to provide the Newsletter service. By subscribing to the Newsletter, the User agrees to the Seller transferring personal data provided by the User to MailChimp (address: The Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308 USA), in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms. MailChimp is EU-U.S Privacy Shield Framework certified and meets the requirements of the GDPR.
  7. The Newsletter service is provided free of charge for an indefinite period. The User can, at any time and without giving a reason, unsubscribe from the Newsletter by clicking on the link at the bottom of each e-mail received.
  8. The User may use the Waitlist (In Stock Notification) service by entering the e-mail address on the waiting list for a one-time notification of the availability of the Product selected by the User, by filling in the form on the Store’s website next to the selected Product.
  9. A one-time notification applies to one selected Product each time. To receive notification of a greater number of Products, the User must subscribe to Waitlist (In Stock Notification) for each of these Products.


  1. By placing an order on the Store’s website, the Customer concludes a Contract with the Seller.
  2. To place an order:
    1. Choose Products from the available offer, their colors, sizes and quantities;
    2. Add selected Products to the cart by clicking the “add to cart” button on the Product’s page;
    3. Click the “proceed to checkout” button;
    4. Verify the list of ordered Products;
    5. Provide contact details;
    6. Choose a delivery method and accept its cost;
    7. Choose a payment method;
    8. Confirm your order by clicking the “place order” button;
  3. Until the selection of Products is confirmed by clicking the “place order” button, the Customer can make changes to the Products, contact details for the delivery of the Products, delivery method, payment method.
  4. Clicking the “place an order” button is tantamount to placing an order with the content specified by the Customer.
  5. After placing the order, the Customer shall immediately make the payment in accordance with the selected payment method.
  6. After the payment is received and credited to the Store, the Seller processes the Customer’s order to verify it. After successful verification of the order, the Seller accepts the order for execution. The customer receives an electronic confirmation of acceptance of the order for execution to the e-mail address, which is tantamount to concluding a Contract between the Customer and the Seller.
  7. Orders can be placed around the clock, on all days of the week. Orders placed on non-working days will be processed on the first working day following the day on which the order was placed.
  8. The condition for the submission and execution of the order is that the Customer provides the data necessary for the delivery of the Product, and accepts these Terms and Conditions.
  9. Until the Store confirms that the order has been accepted, the Customer has the right to cancel the order. For this purpose, the Customer should immediately contact the Store via e-mail and inform about the cancellation of the order.
  10. The Seller reserves the right to refuse to execute the order placed by the Customer, in particular in the event that:
    1. The Customer’s contact details are incomplete or incorrect.
    2. Payment was not authorized in the electronic payment system selected during the order.
    3. Payment was not made in due time.
    4. The product is unavailable.
    5. The order was placed as a result of an error in the Store’s IT system.
  11. If the order is refused, the Customer will receive an e-mail from the Store informing that the offer was not accepted, the Contract was not concluded, and the order was canceled.


  1. The delivery of the Products takes place in the manner chosen by the Customer and indicated in the order.
  2. The order processing begins after the payment of the price and shipping costs in the selected electronic payment system (Stripe, PayPal) is confirmed, and the successful verification of the order by the Seller.
  3. In the event of a delay in the execution of the order or the impossibility of completing the order within 14 days, the Store’s staff will immediately notify the Customer, who will decide on the extended waiting time or withdrawal from the Contract. In the event that the Customer withdraws from the contract, the Seller will return the funds paid immediately, not later than within 14 days.
  4. The Customer is informed about the cost of delivery of the Products during the order process. The customer covers the cost of delivery to the address provided by him. More information on current shipping charges can be found in the DELIVERY tab.
  5. At the time of shipment of the order, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirmation to the e-mail address provided in the order process.
  6. Products are delivered by UPS, DHL or Fedex courier to the address indicated by the customer in the order.
  7.  The estimated delivery time for international orders is 5-7 business days from the date of shipment. The time of delivery by the courier company may be extended for reasons beyond the control of the Seller.
  8. When collecting the parcel delivered by the courier, in his presence, the Customer should carefully check the completeness of the parcel content, the condition of the external packaging and the condition of the ordered Product. In the event of damage to the parcel, the Customer should prepare a damage report together with the courier, in two identical copies signed by the Customer and the courier.
  9. Complaints arising from damage to the Product during transport will be considered on the basis of the damage report prepared by the Customer and the courier.


  1. The price of a given Product on the Store’s website binds on the parties from the moment the order is placed and the Customer receives confirmation from the Seller that the order is accepted for execution, regardless of its subsequent changes in the Store.
  2. All Product prices in the Store are gross. They are given in Euro (EUR), United States Dollars (USD) or British Pounds (GBP).
  3. The method of payment for the Products is chosen by the Customer when placing the order. The Store offers 2 (two) payment methods:
    1. Stripe electronic payment system (credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay).
    2. PayPal electronic payment system (also credit card).
  4. The Store reserves the right to change the prices of Products in the Store, introduce new Products for sale, carry out and cancel promotional campaigns on the Store’s websites, or make changes to them in accordance with the standards of the Civil Code and other acts. These changes will not violate the rights of persons who concluded contracts for the sale of Products offered in the Store before the above-mentioned changes.


  1. The Customer may withdraw from the Contract within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the day of the order delivery.
  2. The right to withdraw from the Contract is not entitled to the Customer in case of a Product manufactured according to the Customer’s specifications or serving to satisfy his individual needs.
  3. The Customer should return the Products at his own expense by courier to the following address: street Chłodna 11/612, 00-891 Warsaw, Poland (mailing address only).
  4. Customers from outside the European Union should fill out the customs form, make sure to use the same currency and value as on the order invoice, make sure to mark the shipment as a return and attach the form to the parcel.
  5. The Seller refunds the Customer from within the European Union the equivalent of the Product price and the cost of delivery to the Customer up to the lowest shipping fee in the Seller’s offer. The Seller does not refund the cost of returning the Product to the Seller. More information on current shipping charges can be found in the DELIVERY tab.
  6. The Customer from outside the European Union will be refunded by the Seller the Product purchase price. The Seller does not refund the costs of the Product’s delivery to the Customer and its return to the Seller, as well as the costs associated with customs clearance incurred both when shipping and returning the Product.
  7. The Customer withdraws from the Contract by submitting a declaration of withdrawal to the Seller in writing or via e-mail to the address The declaration can be submitted on the Return Form: (Download the Form).
  8. In the event of the Customer withdrawing from the Contract in the indicated form and time, the Contract shall be considered void.
  9. The Customer is obliged to return the Seller the complete Product with the original tags sewn in, in the original decorative box which is a component of the Product (For the avoidance of doubt, it is not an outer cardboard box securing the parcel), immediately, but not later than 14 days from the date on which he withdrew from the Contract.
  10. The Customer is responsible for the decrease in the value of the Product as a result of using it in a way that goes beyond what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.
  11. The returned Product may only show normal signs of use, it may not be damaged or dirty.
  12. The Seller shall immediately, no later than within 14 days from the date of receipt of the Customer’s declaration of withdrawal from the contract, refund the Customer the price for the Product and the one-time cost of delivering the item, using the same method of payment as used by the Customer. The Seller may withhold the refund until the returned Product is delivered to him.


  1. The Seller is obliged to provide the Customer with a Product without defects. The Seller is liable to the Customer who is a consumer for the Product’s non-compliance with the Contract.
  2. The customer may file a complaint under the warranty for defects (art. 556 et seq. Of the Act of April 23, 1964 Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964, No. 16, item 93, as amended). The customer can request one of four actions:
    1. Exchange the Product for a new one.
    2. Repair of the Product by the Seller.
    3. Product price reduction.
    4. Withdraw from the Contract if the defect of the Product is significant.
  3. The choice of the request belongs to the Customer, but the Seller may propose a different solution from the ones indicated above within the limits set by the law.
  4. The customer files a complaint in writing (Download Complaint Form).
  5. The signed complaint form should be sent to the address: street Chłodna 11/612, 00-891 Warsaw, Poland with the parcel containing the claimed Product. Attaching a document confirming the sale or order number may facilitate and speed up the processing of the complaint.
  6. The Seller may refuse to replace the Product or repair it if this is impossible for the Seller or would require excessive costs. In this case, the Customer may change the claim.
  7. When requesting a price reduction of the Product, the Customer provides the amount by which the price is to be reduced. If the Customer’s request to reduce the Product price is the first request submitted as part of the complaint procedure regarding a given Product, the Seller may offer the Customer a replacement or repair.
  8. The Customer will receive information on the method of resolving the complaint within 14 days from the date of receiving the claimed Product by the Seller.
  9. In the event of a positive consideration of the complaint, the Seller will send back to the Customer the Product in perfect condition (repaired or new), immediately – within 30 business days from the moment of consideration, and if it proves impossible, the Seller will refund the equivalent of the Product price paid by the Customer and the shipping cost up to the lowest fee for a shipment in the Seller’s offer.
  10. If the complaint is not accepted, the Product will be sent back to the Customer together with the opinion that the complaint is unjustified.


  1. The Seller may refuse to accept a return in the event of a damaged Product being returned, a return made after the deadline or an incomplete Product returned.
  2. Due to the high risk of damage during improperly secured transport, the Seller does not accept Products sent:
    1. By letter (including registered letter)
    2. Cash on delivery.
  3. Only carefully secured and undamaged courier parcels sent to the correct address are accepted.


  1. In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of Polish and the European Union law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Act of 23 April 1964 – Civil Code, the Act of 30 May 2014 on consumer rights, the Act of 16 February 2007 on competition protection and consumers.
  2. If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is considered invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.
  3. The Customer and the Seller will resolve any disputes amicably. If this is not possible, disputes will be resolved before the court competent for the seat of the Seller.
  4. The Seller reserves the right to amend the content of the Terms and Conditions at any time. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions are effective from the moment they are published on the Store’s website. Amendments to the Regulations do not apply to the order placed by the Customer and implemented by the Seller. The provisions of the Regulations in force at the time of placing the order shall apply to accepted orders. Amendments to the Regulations do not violate the acquired rights of customers.
  5. The Store owner takes steps to ensure that the Store functions properly, to the extent that results from the current technical knowledge and undertakes to immediately remove any irregularities reported by the Customer. The store is not responsible for any disruptions in activities caused by an Internet failure.
  6. All photos, graphics, logos, publications and texts available in the Store are protected by the Act of February 4, 1994. on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws 1994 No. 24 item 83). It is forbidden to illegally copy, reproduce or distribute any content posted on the Store’s website.