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A woman in a opulent silk kimono

Our Story

Imagine a silk robe like an elegant gown. You slip it on, with some jewellery and shoes, then open the door to friends you invited to the party. And no one asks “you’re still not ready?”.


The idea behind YDUNN is to create with people we trust. Artists and craftsmen who don’t take shortcuts. From the making of patterns, through print designs, sewing, photography, to the production of gift boxes – at each of these stages we cooperate with people who are unmatched in their profession. The prints on our fabrics were designed by Aneta Klejnowska, a Warsaw based painter, graphic artist and author of collages. Some are large, tailored compositions. We asked Aneta to treat the robe as a canvas, turning art into clothes. Each robe is hours of handicraft by the best seamstresses. YDUNN’s products are made in the heart of Warsaw. We are proud that everything is done locally, in Poland. And we are happy that we work with such professionals.


Silk has always been synonymous with luxury. It is a noble, soft and at the same time extremely durable fabric. Natural and airy. Difficult to sew, requiring real tailoring craftsmanship. Our fabrics are imported from Como, Italy and the vicinity of Shanghai – places considered the cradle of silk in Europe and Asia. We use digital printing technology with water-based inks to transfer patterns to the fabric, maintaining vivid and durable colors. As a result, our fabrics are skin-friendly, and long-lasting with proper care.